PCB for optical bypass switching released

Based on the H11F1 optocoupler, the infrared diode turns off when voltage is removed and the photosensor increases the resistace to shut off the switch and the connection between the IN jack and circuit IN. Also includes a current limiting resistor and a LED.

Comes as complete Kit including switch and all necessary parts.

3pdt pcb optical

opto switch

stomp box pcb


All resistors in our Kits are upgraded now to genuine low tolerance 1% metal film resistors made by UniOhm Taiwan

The MF series Metal Film Resistors are manufactured using vacuum sputtering system to deposit multiple layers of mixed metals and passivative materials onto a carefully treated hight grade ceramic substrate, the resistors are coated with layers of light-blue lacquer.



Electric Goddess Flanger DIY Full Kit in stock now

Build a clone of the Electric Goddess aka Mistress Flanger, adapted for the MN3207 BBD Bucket Brigade chip. This unique Flanger has been featured on countless recordings since the late 70s and defined David Gilmour’s tones.

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