3pdt.com is an online store that sells almost anything guitar, effect pedal, electronic, DIY and audio related to help individuals build the projects they want.
No matter what your vision is, our products and resources are designed to make the world of sound effects and electronics more accessible to the average person.

We stock a pregnantly large amount of guitar pedal DIY Kits and electronic components.Customer Satisfaction at first - from the quality controll to the the fulfillment process. At present all our packages are shipped out from China, the are securly cushioned and wrapped, insured and have tracking number.We have long term established and verified accounts with PAYPAL and HSBC Hong Kong.

We hope will help you unleash your inner tone inventor.
If you have questions, dont hesitate to ask and use the Contact Form.


We speak fluently english. If you have a question or need to source some special parts feel free to contact us through the "Contact Form" button on top.
At present we only support contact by e-mail.

We will answer every e-mail within 24 hours.

3pdt.com Lu Ping (HK) Ltd.
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Xin Hu Road
Bao An District
Shenzhen, Guandong
518103 China


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