Preparation of the 3pdt switch with ribbon cable


  • Solder the 5-pin ribbon cable to the 3pdt switch PCB. For a 1590B enclosure cut the ribbon cable no less then 5 cm.
    At this point make sure that you don't reverse the the ribbon cable. The ribbon cable most be soldered according to the female plug screen printing on the main PCB ! Follow the screen printing ie. 9V from the 3pdt goes to 9V onto the 3pdt PCB and so on.


  • It's also possible to lead the wires on top side of the PCB and solder the wires to the solder side of the 3pdt PCB.


  • Prepare the wires which will connect the 3pdt PCB with the IN and OUT jacks, signal and ground. In a standard 1950B enclosure 2 long wires about 5 cm and 2 short wires about 1-2 cm should be sufficient.


  • Solder the wires to the PCB. GND on the left side and OJ have short wires. GND on the right side and IJ have long wires. At this point take special attention that you don't accidently solder a solder bridge between the GND / IJ and the GND / OJ lugs !
    The end result should look like this:


Assembling steps:


  • Insert the main PCB. To fix the PCB inside the enclosure screw the Potentiometer on the backside of the PCB to the enclosure.


  • Prepare the DC jack and screw it to the enclosure.


  • Install the INPUT and OUTPUT audio jacks.


  • Insert and screw the prepared 3pdt switch to the enclosure. Solder the GND*2 wires and the OJ, IJ wires to the INPUT and OUTPUT jacks.


  • Plug the 5-pin ribbon cable from the 3pdt PCB to the main PCB. Solder the DC jack wires from the top to + and - on the 3pdt PCB.

  • close view


Assembling with standard wire


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