3pdt footswitch PCB wiring board

There are many ways to connect a 3pdt switch. On this PCB we use the ultimate and best possible way for True Bypass switching. The Input will connect to ground when in bypass to alleviate noise/oscillation.

You will find 5 main solder lugs for: PCB IN, PCB OUT, 9V, GROUND and S (S goes to the main PCB on our effect kits to connect the main PCB LED and resistor with the 3pdt switch. Alternativly you can use the 3pdt PCB onboard LED and a currenct limiting resistor.

2 lugs for IN jack GROUND jack and 2 lugs for OUT jack, GROUND jack

2 lugs for DC jack + and DC jack GROUND

2 drilled holes for wire through a battery clip

Instructions: http://www.3pdt.com/pages/3pdt-wiring-board

It comes in 3 versions:

  1. The blue PCB is the standard (pictures 1 - 4).
  2. The green PCB features 100mil distance between the solder pads and  includes AWG-26 flatband wire cutting down considerably on wiring time, recommended for making larger quantities. The flatband  can be separated into several wires as well. (pictures 6 - 9)
  3. Optical switching 3pdt PCB package based on the H11F1 FET optocoupler including the stomp switch and all necessary parts (pictures 10 - 12)

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