Atten 936B temperature controlled Soldering Station

Atten AT-936B Soldering Station


Light handle suitable for long time operation
Heating body is made of imported temperature-proof materials and advanced process. Long life and low cost for replacement.
The heating element uses low voltage DC current, ensuring anti-static, without electric leakage or interference.
With special temperature locking system, preventing temperature changed without permission
Separated design, easy to place。
Temperature setting within 200-480℃ optional, and temperature controlled accurately。
Nozzles (iron tips) equivalent with international products, various optional nozzle meet customer’s different working conditions。
Made of conductive materials to ensure completely anti-static


Power Consumption: 50 W
Input voltage: 220V AC

(110V region with a free 110 to 220 mini adaptor)
Input frequency:50/60Hz
Output Voltage :26VAC
Temperature Range:200 ~480 ℃
Resistance between Nozzle and Ground:Below2Ω
Potential between Nozzle and Ground:Below5mV


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