3pdt D-cimator Noise Gate

Utilizing the THAT2181c IC its probably the best possible noise reduction circuit available.

Turn it on and set the threshold knob to a setting that gets rid of your feedback and buzz. The pedal does the rest and will track your playing.It can be placed either in front of the amp or in the effects loop. If you are good with it, feel free to place one pedal in front of the amp and one pedal in the effects loop, this way you will get a "G-cimator"

This is a Full Kit including a completed SMT soldered printed circuit board and the THAT2181c IC. 
All you have to do is:
1. solder the THAT2181c IC
2. solder the LED
3. solder the Potentiometer
4. wire it for True Bypass
5 house it in a standard 1590B enclosure

"Full Kit" means all parts and EVERYTHING you need to build this effect are included, transistors, ICs, jacks, potentiometers, PCB, DC jack, 3PDT footswitch... . Not included are wire, tin, enclosure, knobs.

The PCB Boards are double sided, through-contacted and have silk screen printing for easy assembling.
The wiring diagram and the material list are included.
The PCB has the usual connections: Ground, IN, OUT, 9V
The PCB Kit is verified and working.
difficulty level: average

You will need a 1590B enclosure to build this pedal.
A drilling template can be found here
We highly recommend you a 3pdt daughterboard to build this effect smoothly.

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