3pdt Funny Cat AG-5

"Funny Cat" AG-5 Envelope Filter & Sustainer

This is a DIY kit reproduction of the rare R0land® Funny Cat Pedal. Its an envelope Filter (harmonic mover) and a soft distortion sustainer (SDS) in one Pedal. The rotary switch can choose between 3 envelope modes. Position 1 somehow like soft, position 2 harder, position 3 “underwater spaceship” sound. A Potentiometer controls the effect level. The SDS side has an output volume control. Because the internal wiring of the original Funny Cat is burdensome we designed a daughter board for the 2 footswitches. On the daughterboard is a 9pin plug, all you have to do now is connect the 9pin cable with the plug and main PCB board. Also The "Funny Cat" can fit in a standard 1590BB enclosure now.

It comes in 2 version:

  1. Funny Cat - Full Kit
  2. Funny Cat - PCBs only

"Full Kit" means all parts and EVERYTHING you need to build this effect are included, transistors, ICs, jacks, potentiometers, PCB, DC jack, 3PDT footswitch... . Not included are wire, tin, enclosure, knobs.

The PCB Boards are double sided, through-contacted and have silk screen printing for easy assembling.
The wiring diagram and the material list are included.
The PCB has the usual connections: Ground, IN, OUT, 9V
The PCB Kit is verified and working.
difficulty level: difficult

You will need a 1590BB enclosure to build this pedal.
A drilling template can be found here

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