Gristle Box Tremolo (Gristleizer Clone)

Gristle Box (Gristleizer) Tremolo Wah auto-wah Synth Effect Pedal


  • Entire black painted pedal including stickers for optional self-labeling
  • 4 different waveforms (falling, rising, Triangle, Square)
  • 2 3pdt footswitches (Bypass, VCA/VCF)
  • 2 LED's (status LED and flashing Speed LED)
  • Smooth to distorted helicopter Tremolo chops, auto-wah synth weird sounds

The Gristle Box is best described as a combination of Tremolo, Oscillator-Controlled Filter, Analog Synthisizer and Auto-Wah. Tremolo (VCA) Filter VCF) under control of an LFO. It allows you to achieve conventional smooth to intense helicopter-like Tremolo chops including Auto wah and some Ring Modulation. This is an experimental and low-fi pedal for professional musicians. Intended to use with guitar but works with all kind of instruments.

We love black, the pedal is painted in black ONLY. There are clear stickers included, you have the option to self-label your pedal if you like. Power Supply is 9 Volt tip negative only ! (Pedal does not work with 'One-Spot' single PSU!)


Level - output volume
Bias - distortion amount and frequency (in Triangle Wave mode need to readjust)
Speed - LFO frequency
Depth - modulation intensity


Waves - selects 4 different waveforms
VCA/VCF - selects between VCA and VCF modes


Indicator LED
Speed LED indicated the rate on the internal LFO


DC - 9 Volt tip negative only (This pedal uses an internal voltage divider, it can not powerd with a 'One Spot' PSU !

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