"Gristleizer" Tremolo/Synth

Build a clone of the Gristleizer,  a legendary effect, designed by Roy Gwinn in the 70s and made famous by industrial music group Throbbing Gristle.

This effect combines a tremolo with an oscillator-controlled filter. The effect allow you to achieve tremolo and auto-filter wah wah sounds to distortion, ring modulation, and stuttering effects. The included potentiometers and the rotary switch are for easy onboard assembling on the backside of the PCB, so you don't need to solder wires from the PCB to the potentiometers and the rotary switch. A flashing LED to indicate SPEED and a charge pump IC to allow the PCB to be powered from a single battery or standard 9v pedal power supply was added. We also sourced the original 2n3819 transistors (beware of 99% fake 2n3819 on the internet !).There are 2 stomp switches, ON/bypass and VCF/VCA. 4 Potentiometers adjust SPEED, VOLUME, DEPTH, BIAS. 2 internal trim pots adjust shape and offset (for the triangle wave). A rotary switch selects between 4 different waveforms. The Full Kit contains the main PCB, the 3pdt wiring PCB, all needed parts and a drilled 1590BB enclosure.

The 3pdt PCB that will contact with the main PCB features 100mil distance between the solder pads and includes AWG-26 flatband wire, cutting down considerably on wiring time as well!

It comes in 2 version:

  1. Gristleizer - Full Kit incl. drilled enclosure and 3pdt wiring PCB
  2. PCB only

"Full Kit" means all parts you need to build this effect are included, transistors, jacks, Potentiometers, drilled enclosure, PCBs, DC jack, 3PDT footswitch... .. Not included are wire, lead, knobs.

The PCB Boards are double sided, through-contacted and have silk screen printing for easy assembling.
Power Supply 9V tip negative, no battery
The printed instructions and the material list are included.
The PCB Kit is verified and working. The pedal is True Bypass.
difficulty level: average
PCB Size: 8.2 * 5.4 cm, fits into a 1590BB enclosure

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