3pdt Mosrite Fuzzrite

Build this legendary raw Fuzz Pedal. Authentic circuit, including the 22k resistor which many layouts on the internet are missing.

There are 2 onboard Potentiometers, 1 for Volume and 1 for Depth. Place for onboard LED.
The board fits in small 1590B enclosure.

This Pedal needs good transitors. There are 2 transistor sockets and 4 metal can transistors included in this kit, 2 2N369A (original) and 2 BC107 (modern). You can try in pairs or in combination and see which one sounds best, over even try your own transistors in the sockets.

"Full Kit" means all parts and EVERYTHING you need to build this effect are included, transistors, ICs, jacks, potentiometers, PCB, DC jack, 3PDT footswitch... . Not included are wire, solder, enclosure, knobs.

The PCB Board is double sided, through-contacted.
The wiring diagram and the material list are included.
The PCB has the usual connections: Ground, IN, OUT, 9V
The PCB Kit is verified and working.
difficulty level: average
PCB Size: 5 * 4.5 cm

You will need a 1590B enclosure to build this pedal.
A drilling template can be found here
We highly recommend you a 3pdt daughterboard to build this effect smoothly.

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