Mutantes Regulus VIII Fuzz

Os Mutantes Regulus VIII Fuzz Distortion Guitar Pedal


  • Legendary Fuzz Pedal circuit
  • Bright and nasty high-gain Fuzz
  • Hand-made and hand-wired
  • High-end thru-hole components used
  • True Bypass 3pdt stomp used

The Mutantes Fuzz aka 'Brazilian Fuzz' is a bright and nasty high-gain Fuzz, the circuit is based around 2 high quality NOS BC109 silcon Transistors There is no control over the amount of Gain, but a VOLUME Control. This is a noisy vintage Fuzz-Pedal, be prepared. We added a RF interference Filter-Section and a Diode clipping ON/OFF switch as well as a Diode Clipping amount Control. The HIGH/LOW switch gives 2 sound options, standard bright or doomy.

Conclusion: a beast, lots of fun to play, smokes many other Fuzzes in a pipe, but noisy high-gain cirucit

2 Knobs VOLUME and CLIP +/-, 2 switches CLIP/NO and LOW/HIGH

Connectors: Input, Output, DC jack

Ingredients: oversized ceramic Capacitor, oversized Polyester Capacitors, BC109 metal can Transistors, 1/4 Watt 1% low noise metal film resistors, True-Bypass 3pdt stomp switch, audio-grade sealed Potentiometers, Neutrik IN/OUT jacks

Power Supply: 9V PSU tip negative only (no battery option)

This is a hand-build pedal, accept some minor scratch here and there. The enclosure is rough polished aluminum. Pedal is True Bypass and has a status LED.

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