3pdt Os Mutantes Regulus Fuzz

This is a DIY kit to recreate the Fuzz Pedal of Sergio Diaz, the guitar player of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes. This Fuzz is very high gain, versatile and sounds just brilliant. In our opinion one of the top 5 Fuzz Pedals ever built.

There are 2 Potentiometers for Volume and Fuzz amount and 2 switches for Diode lift and Mode. The included potentiometers and the mini switches are for easy onboard assembling on the backside of the PCB, so you don't need to solder wires from the PCB to the potentiometers and the switches.cutting down considerably on wiring time!

The included transistors are BC109 metal cans and transistor sockets. Transistors can also be subbed with BC108, 2n3565 or 2n3904... .

The Full Kit contains the main PCB, the 3pdt wiring PCB, all needed parts and a drilled 1590B enclosure. Knobs, wire and lead are not included."

The PCB Boards are double sided, through-contacted and have silk screen printing for easy assembling.
The wiring diagram and the material list are included.
The PCB has the usual connections: Ground, IN, OUT, 9V
The PCB Kit is verified and working.
difficulty level: easy

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