PCB manufacturing - single side, 5*5 cm or less

Industry quality PCB samples manufacturing

Maxium Size: 5*5 cm  (means no side can be longer then 5cm)

Quantity: 10 boards

Quality: FR-4

Sides: Single Side

Board Color: Green

Printing Color: White

Diameter: 1.6mm

Pad Plating: LEAD HASL

Files: Gerber, eagle, Protel

manufacturing time: 7 days

shipping time: average 10 days. (for detailed shipping time see link "shipping terms" )

Important: If you order other things from us such a switches or electronic parts keep in mind that we combine this order to 1 order, so the whole oder will be delayed untill the PCBs are manufactured.

After you check out and pay please e-mail us your file compressed as .zip or .rar and include your order number. 

Note: This is a custom made order, no returns ! Be sure your file is correct befor you transfer it.


We have a 9.90$ Shipping Flatrate. What does it mean exactly:

No matter what you buy, no matter how much you buy, and no matter where it is being shipped. you'll pay just one low price . . 9.90 $

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