Resistor 1w sortiment

420 pcs resistor sortiment

metal film, 1 watt, 1%

42  different values, each value * 10 = 420 resistors

The following values are included in the sortiment:

0.22Ω, 0.33Ω, 1Ω, 2Ω, 3.3Ω, 10Ω, 15Ω, 33Ω, 47Ω, 75Ω, 100Ω, 150Ω, 200Ω, 300Ω, 330Ω, 390Ω, 470Ω, 560Ω, 680Ω, 820Ω

1K, 2.7K, 4.7K, 5.1K, 10K, 22K, 33K, 47K, 51K, 56K, 75K, 100K, 150K, 200K, 270K, 300K, 330K, 470K, 510K, 680K, 750K, 820K

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