3pdt Tape Echo Machine

Build an Echo Machine Pedal based on the schematic of the EM5 Tape Echo

The heart of this legendary delay pedal is the Mitsubishi 24-pin M65831 chip. We sourced several hundreds of this ICs.

3 Potentiometers control Delay Level (Echo), Repeats and Delay Time (Speed).

There are two simple add-ons in our circuit:

1. An internal trim pot to adjust the Delay up to Endless Repeats
2. A 'Long / Short' Delay toggle switch, adjustable with internal trim pots

A sophisticated design approach makes it possible to build this complex pedal smoothly. All components are onboard, few wires to solder are needed.

To make this Kit as easy as possible to build, there are 2 PCBs included:
1. main PCB
2. PCB for the 3pdt True Bypass footswitch

You only have to connect the main PCB with the 3pdt footswitch PCB with 4 wires. 2 wires for the Input and Output jack and 2 wires for the optional battery clip. The screen-printing on the PCB and 4-page color printed instructions will make it a breeze to build this pedal.

The enclosure is a 1590BB. The Power supply is either a 9V battery or a standard tip negative 9V PSU (not included)

Full Kit:
In this Kit everything, such as all components, Neutrik jacks, 1% metal film resistors, ICs, english instructions, material list, double sided PCBs, 3pdt switch, ... is included.
Not included are: wire, tin, knobs.

difficulty level: advanced


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