Cathedral of Tone 50

This is the PCB to create a Cathedral of Tone 50 aka Clock of Tone 50 overdrive pedal. It simulates a Plexi loaded with 6550 power tubes.

This layout is a variant, the difference is, there are 2 Potentiometers which are 'Bias' and 'Range'. This mod allows you to fine-tune it better and find the sweet spot.

The wiring diagram and the material list are included.
The PCB has the usual connections: GROUND, IN, OUT, 9V.
The PCB is verified and working.
difficulty level: easy
PCB Size: 5 * 4,8 cm

You will need a 1590B enclosure to build this effect.
The drilling template can be found here: Cathedral of Tone 50 overdrive drilling template
We highly recommend you a 3pdt daughterboard to build this effect smoothly.

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