3pdt Tube Tremolo

Build a Tube Tremolo utilizing a 12AU7 vacuum Tube and a VTL5C optocoupler.

4 Potentiometers control Depth, Speed, Wave (sine, square) and Volume. The LED will pulsate according to the Speed.

A sophisticated design approach makes it possible to build this complex pedal smoothly. All components are onboard, header and plugs connect the Tube PCB and the 3pdt footswitch. Few wires to solder are needed. The included vacuum Tube is a refurbished 12AU7.

To make this Kit as easy as possible to build, there are 3 PCBs included:
1. main PCB
2. PCB for the 12AU7 Tube
3. PCB for the 3pdt True Bypass switch.

The Power supply is a 18 Volt tip negative PSU (included).

In this Kit everything, such as tube, parts, Neutrik jacks, 1% metal film resistors, ICs, english instructions, material list, components, double sided PCBs, 3pdt switch,18V Power Supply Unit ... is included.
Not included are enclosure, wire, solder, knobs.

difficulty level: advanced

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