Zen Tone

Zen Tone harmonic dumble-like germanium Overdrive Guitar Pedal

  • dynamic, touch-sensitive overdrive pedal
  • smooth and well-balanced medium gain pedal
  • Dumble-like Tones
  • high-end thru-hole components used
  • True Bypass 3pdt stomp used

The Zen Tone is a dynamic, touch-sensitive overdrive pedal, a smooth and well-balanced medium gain pedal that will deliver glass-smooth tones, string-to-string clarity and even works as a booster/sweetener.
Great dynamic response and 'dumble-ish' tones.

Four knobs control LEVEL, GAIN, TONE, VOICE

Connectors: Input, Output, DC jack

Power Supply: 9V PSU tip negative only (no battery option)

Ingredients: Analog Devices AD712 high-end Opamp, 1/4 Watt 1 % low noise metal film Resistors, Polyester Capacitors, Germanium and ST BAT46 clipping Diodes, True-Bypass 3pdt stomp switch, audio-grade sealed Potentiometers, Neutrik IN/OUT jacks

The enclosure is polished-aluminum. Pedal is True Bypass and has a status LED.

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